Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Who You Gonna Call?

Something occurred to me as I read and was attempting to understand Marc Ambinder's post about McCain's allegations of Sen. Obama flip flopping on issues.  The media is determining the talking points and their truths.  I know.  I'm late to the party, huh?

I want to read the whole thing and understand it in the same fashion I understand, for example, how to get a document filed with the court.  But it's late, I'm cranky, I'm tired and my patience level is nil.  Now see, I can't be alone in this annoyance with and reticence to slogging all the way through not only Marc's post but McCain's original release.

So what happens is I rely on resources I trust to give me the upshot, much like I clumsily attempted to do with day before yesterday's post about Kissinger.  Note bene -- television and its talking political pundit heads are craven and useless as resources.  To me.  But not to everyone.  People listen to those jackasses.  The upshot, however, can't help but be colored by the source - the disseminator of the information and her/his take on it.

The mainstream media (MSM), and I include bloggers in that category, is therefore captaining the information to the lazy masses.  No wonder people still believe that Sen. Obama is Muslim.

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