Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wet My Beak

From Robert Novak's Washington Post Op-Ed of today:
But, in the opinion of the Clintonites, he did not open the door to his campaign, because he asked nothing of them. Big-money Democrats who could have expected to be named U.S. ambassadors by a President Hillary Clinton realized that they would get nothing from a President Obama. The train had left the station, and they were not aboard.
Huh?  I'm shaking my head at how naive I am.  Obviously, quid pro quo is so entrenched in politics that if a candidate asks nothing of you, it signals that you should then expect nothing in return.  Of course, that's how it works; at least in Novak's interpretation.

Sen. Obama asked nothing.  What did they offer?  What's the political rule for an offer?  I would like to think that Sen. Obama is asking nothing because it has always been his intention to not be beholden to big-money.  Could it be his objective is for big-money to be beholden to him?  Or beholden to bettering this country, as I believe big-money should.

Gawd.  I need a bath.

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