Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name

Marc Thiessen at The Washington Post has written of Jesse Helms' accomplishments.  I guess he feels there hasn't been enough praise singing.  I cannot understand how anyone can get far enough past the bigot part of Helms' raison d'etre to offer hosannahs, but I suppose some do.

I piped up in the comments section.  It seems I'm obsessed with Helms' referring to all black people as Fred.

UPDATE:  Somebody's reading me and they suggested I add the comment.  Since I live to serve, from WaPo comment section:

Mr. Thiessen,

All of the many accomplishments of Sen. Helms you iterate are left hollow because of his gleefully adamant and unrepentant bigotry and the heartbreaking and inhuman destruction it rendered for generations. I can only surmise that you agree with his bigotry or chose not to see it or saw it and gave it a pass. However, if you agree that his bigotry was no matter, then say so. If you chose not to see it or gave it a pass, that's understandable; he was obviously a friend. But if denial or ignorance is the case, then I believe you should stand silent, if only for those who were as great as Sen. Helms yet never had an opportunity to excel or indeed, live, because of his bigoted actions.

I go by Anonymous Sec's, but you can call me Fred.


  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    I totally agree w/you on this one Anonymous Sec!!

  2. Indeed and thank you for visiting and your support.