Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Where's The Care in Your Health Care Plan? Yeah! I'm Talking To YOU McCain.

I posted some info a while back on the old Attackerman about the candidates' plans for health care, with a link to a chart.  I love charts, particularly this one with a side-by-side comparison of McCain and Obama's health care plans.

Since I'm at an age now that health care is a serious concern vis-a-vis my employment, I give it the candidates the necessary consideration.  I'm not going to say you should too, but you should.

I found this Jack and Jill Politics link to The Jed Report interesting (and I just found the quote feature on Blogger).  As of now The Jed Report's site is a bit wonky but I'm sure that'll be fixed by the time someone's here to read.  Bueller?  Bueller?
McCain proposes to solve the "problem" of employer-based coverage by offering a recycled version of a Bush's health care plan: individual tax credits of $2,500 per individual or $5,000 per family (indexed for inflation) and elimination of the tax subsidies that support employer-based health insurance.

What this means is that under McCain's plan, employers could choose to continue offering employer-based health plans, but employees would be responsible for paying tax on the full value of those plans.

Not only would McCain's plan lead to a huge tax increase for those who maintain employer-based plans, but it would also dramatically widen the gap between health care haves and have nots without doing a thing to lower costs or improve the quality of coverage.
What problem?  It seems to me that everything that was handed to McCain is a problem for me to have.  See, I've never minded rich folks being rich.  I'm not envious of rich folks driving around in the Bentleys.  I just don't want them making it hard for me to have my Camry.

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