Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No! No! I'm Here. I'm Here.

Anonymous Nephew, who I guilted into reading me every day, lamented my lack of daily posting, particularly since I bullied him so shamelessly.

I'm still having computer issues.  Well, actually router issues.  For some reason, my wireless router at its whim kicks me off the internet; at highly inappropriate times, I might add.  I've spent hours, at least 9, on the phone with Malaysian techies trying to figure out what the frak is wrong with it.  I even bought a new router that, after 4 hours of the techie taking me through every conceivable end around, is apparently dysfunctional.  I got still another router, but have to wait until the weekend to hook it up because if it doesn't work right away, more phone hours with exotic places.

Here's what was cute.  When my techie told me he was going to call back when he started his shift again, he said he'd call at 9:00 a.m.  I asked if that was Eastern or Pacific time.  He got this kind of cute whine and said "It's American time!"  Cute.  And can I mention I was kind of ashamed of how imperialistic I felt at his frustrated answer.  But I copped to it and we laughed.  We did a lot of laughing.

In the meantime, while my router is working for just RIGHT NOW, I can bring up the fact that the winsome Maureen Dowd has two articles in the NYT that indicate that on the European trip with Sen. Obama, she had normal human conversations with him.  And he's kind of laughing and teasing with her.  Okay.  I'm monumentally jealous.  Doesn't he know she's writing stupid things about him?  I hate her.

Also, something to ponder that I want to write about more extensively...perhaps with an argument and everything just like real bloggers.

After it has been made apparent to anyone with eyes that Obama is wildly popular with the rest of the world, what would happen to international relations if this country elects McCain and proves its majority rule dedication to hubristic isolationist arrogance?

One Drop at Too Sense has a great essay entitled "How Long Will It Take for Obama to 'Fail' as President?"  I agree.  I believe if Obama is elected, he's going to get savaged.

Okay.  I should take advantage of the fact that I am still connected to the internets and post.  I'll try to get something up post haste.

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