Sunday, July 20, 2008


A glimpse into my thinking process.  It's like dominoes falling.

I was reading Glenn Greenwald's opinion post on Salon this morning.  His headline is "Rendering Public Opinion Irrelevant."  A survey was taken by the University of Maryland's Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) and apparently 71% of those polled in the United States believe the country should not take sides in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  Seventy-one percent(!) would prefer the U.S. stay neutral.  Greenwald's gripe is that this opinion is reflected neither in the MSM nor mainstream political figures.  Neither is reflecting the constituency.

This made me ask why I wasn't polled for my opinion.  Who did the PIPA people poll?  (Heh - pickled peppers perhaps.)

Which made me think that an effective way to poll would be the internet, or at least a combination of the old-school show up at the door, call you during dinner way and the internet.  Combination because there are many older Americans who are not familiar with how "a Google" works.  (That will NEVER get old to me.)  Eventually, old-school would be phased out because of, y'know, how life works -- I'll say no more.

Which made me think about Sen. Obama's sophisticated approach to campaigning via the internet.  It's immediate.  It's effective.  It's inclusive.

Which made me think that if Obama is elected president, will he continue the internet infrastructure he has already built to glean the opinion of his constituency re issues?

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