Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saving Grace

One of my favorite television shows, which I watch on iTunes because I haven't turned on my television in over a year, preferring instead to get everything I need from my laptop.  Wait.  Where was I?  Oh, one of my favorite shows is "Saving Grace" on TNT.  I was prepared not to like it because, honestly, that chick's acting can get on my last nerve.  Gimme a minute while I do "a Google" to find her name.  BRB.

Oh, yeah.  Holly Hunter.  She's annoyed me in practically everything she's done, except for "Raising Arizona," which live-action cartoonyness was perfect for her tics, drawl and overbearing demeanor in that itsy-bitsy body.  And "Living Out Loud."  I liked her in "Living Out Loud," but I think that was because she was part of a movie that I really really liked.  She was still full of tics and weird movements and choices that I ignored because I liked the movie a lot.  And she had an amazing dance scene and wore an amazing "little black dress."

To whit:

Back on topic.  "Saving Grace" is an hour long episodic on TNT about Grace Hanadarko, a hard drinkin' hard sexin' unrepentant fuck-up sinner Oklahoma City cop given a second chance to do right by life.  To that end, she's given an angel Earl, played by Leon Rippy of "Deadwood" perfection, to help her get on a righteous path.  Season 1 is out on DVD and iTunes and the second season is starting up availability on iTunes.

What I like about Grace is her reluctance to do good.  She's an addictive and dangerous personality.  She fights her family, her friends, her angel, to live the way she wants to even though she knows it's going to lead her to ruin.  Good for the series too because if she's redeemed, there's no story.  I've got a mother somewhat like that, at least in the "live the way she wants to" sector of character bullheadedness.  And I'm right now fighting the demon nicotine and sometimes losing but by in large winning, so I kind of feel Grace.

I also like the theme of the series, written (I believe) and performed by Everlast, whose down and out Bukowski-in-church voice writes "barfly salvation" all over the opening.  Catch it if you can and tell me what you think.

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