Saturday, July 19, 2008

What He Said

I had been doing a crapload of research for writing a "playas and the game" post about the long term occupation agreement set forth by President Bush to the Iraqi government.

When I first paid attention to it, it was, as usual, through Spencer's blog Attackerman.  I wasn't too worried about its foolish implementation because I figured it had to go through Congress for approval.  But I was still caught off guard because for such a sweeping agreement, there didn't seem to be the type of coverage such a logistical and political agreement would warrant.  So I e-mailed Spencer about it.

What he told me was shocking.  The agreement was being set forth without the necessity of Congressional approval because it was not a "treaty," it was an "agreement."  Considering the history of the administration skirting around the law, I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was.

I was terrified the agreement would go through and our country and our troops would be committed to occupying Iraq for God knows how long.  Further, the next president, hopefully, Sen. Obama, would have the crappy choice of sticking to the hubristic deal or somehow breaking the deal with all the political fallout that could come from weaseling out of an agreement.

Oh, well.  Spencer beat me to it.  No surprise there.  As he was explaining to me when I felt I was asking stupid questions of him about the agreement that I just didn't understand, it's kind of his job.  Well done, I might add.  Damn.  He rips through this stuff off like butter.  I'm a little uncomfortable with Spencer's last sentence, but he's young and a firebrand and he's seen things up close, and I'm sure he's speaking from what he admits to being his wildly volatile temper and doesn't really mean it.  Or maybe he does.  I just don't want Spence mad at me.

If you don't read anything else, please read the link below.  It's important that you know.  If you don't agree with Spencer's viewpoint, at least it should make you investigate the origins and existence of the agreement.  There are many viewpoints in favor of the agreement.  I won't link because it's too early to get infuriated.  Google, like, National Review Online or something.  I think it important you know what the people tasked with ensuring the security of this country are capable of.  Agree.  Disagree.  But know.

Okay.  I'll stop shaking my finger at you now.

Luckily, the agreement didn't go through and that's its status.  As of now.  I don't quite sigh with relief because this administration has a Macchiavellian way of getting what they want, no matter the cost.

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