Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Knock-Off? Tryin' Not To Be.

What I'm finding I have to do is write before I read.  I find myself seeing something, having an opinion, and then going out into the vast interwebs and reading other people's opinions about the same thing.  Wrong.

Out there, they're writing what I'm thinking...and probably better and less verbose.  What I end up doing on MY BLOG, is re-disseminating information without my personal discourse.  Great if I want to be a conduit, but bad if I want my words to be out there.  I know nobody's really around to hear me (except for those I strong-arm-e-mail - hopefully) and that's okay; it's the process of me learning me that interests.  I also let myself off the hook because this is new and forming and I really don't have a gimmick.

Everywhere in my life, except for obvious observations (on which I pipe up shamelessly), I'm rather invisible.  I started Anonymous Sec's because I'm thinking more critically than I ever have before and to express myself both artistically (I do love to write) and in opinion.  Spencer showed interest in my opinions and writing and I seized upon the opportunity.  Funny that, I had to have some sort of validation before I would even venture to flourish.  And sad a little.

Okay.  Enough me me me.  That said and to prove the point that others are expressing what I believe, here are two opinions about the New Yorker cover that I wish I'd said, and would have if only I could write faster.  (Ha!  Oops.  Still me.)

Yeah.  What they said.

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