Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Middle East Scares Maureen Dowd Into Partial Semi-Excellence

Well, Maureen, the good news is that you managed to write cleverly to make some points regarding important issues, not just write cleverly to write cleverly.

The bad news is that the headline just sucks. "Is ‘The One’ Cocky or Commander in Chiefy?" makes me think you have it specifically written in your contract that no NYT editor ever, under any circumstances, save for force majeure, will tinker your prose.  Maureen?  You're not Buffy.  Let a grown-up edit.  See my headline?  I'd love to have a quit-witted editor come in and whip up something devastatingly cogent to slap up there, but look, I have to make do.

This is the best of it.  Maureen Dowd, my favorite Op-Ed underachiever, from today's New York Times:
A foiled and frustrated McCain — trying to get covered when the entire media world has gone fishin’ for Obama stories — took the Hillary tack of mocking the press for having a “love affair,” as his campaign said, with the senator. McCain is hopping mad that the surge that he backed, and Obama resisted, has now set the stage for the Bush puppet Maliki to agree with Obama’s exit strategy. But Obama has a better batting average with his judgment on how we shouldn’t have gotten into Iraq, we should have gone after Osama and we should talk to Iran and other foes, if only to better assess their psychology. Then we might have deduced that Saddam had the “Beware of Dog” sign up without the dog.
There now.  Was that so hard?  Did it take a trip to the Middle East, with other journalists about you, to make you finally pay attention to the serious-y stuff?

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