Sunday, July 20, 2008

Compared To What?

Because I'm part of a country full of diverse ideas, cultures, ideologies and political leanings, I do my best to recognize that there are many viewpoints to an issue.  One man's ceiling is another man's floor.  Our country protects this diversity.  It fosters it, or at least it used to.  The melting pot analogy is one I always liked.  There's such richness in difference, particularly culturally.

Politically, because I'm an Obama supporter, it doesn't mean that I can denigrate another who supports McCain.  I stay out of comments sections of other blogs, left or right-leaning, whose participants make it a habit of calling one or the other vile names because of their support of a candidate.  It lessens the discourse.  "Shithead" never makes a cogent point.

That's my high road and I mostly stick to it.

However, I frankly don't know how anyone can watch the below and state that McCain has a better handle on what our country is about, needs to do, and is capable of, particularly as it concerns the military and the ephemeral "War On Terror" than Obama.  Never was it more painfully evident that McCain graduated in the bottom 5 of his class.  Notice that the interview is not full of talking points, careworn adages, and equivocations, the fallback position of those who aren't knowledgeable or adept at the subject matter.

And Lara Logan needs to do interviews with every politician ever running for any office anywhere in the US and expecting to be interviewed on CBS News.  I think if Obama had handed this woman a line of crap, she'd have called him on it.

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