Sunday, November 16, 2008

Governator Logorrhea

Since I've had this political awakening this election, I am now also going to try and concern myself with my home state of California politics.  In 2003, there was in California a recall vote of Gov. Gray Davis.  I voted against that recall because I believed, as limited and shallow my reasoning may have been, that Gov. Davis was being scapegoated for a California energy crisis.  I felt that he was the elected official and if the good citizens of California, who voted him governor in the first place, felt that he should not be in the office, then they could bloody well vote him out at the end of his term.  

I also felt that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the benefactor of a cult of personality that unfairly eclipsed the aptly named Gray.

Anything deeper, I sheeplishly admit here I knew nothing of.

I was in the minority on that opinion because Californians threw the bum out and elected Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold is definitely a majority portion personality and what's left over, I am not sure is good thinking or opportunism.  I haven't paid enough attention to judge.  I will henceforth, however.

What I do know about him is something that the good governor from Alaska should take pointed notice of.  This is how it's done.

Arnold knows how to talk excessively and mostly on point.  He's informed enough to finesse anything that is not directly on point, somehow rolling it into making more than a bit of sense.  Anything left over is muscled (heh) by with charm.  It's like magic.

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