Friday, November 14, 2008

From Another Reader...

From my friend who just had a baby and three days after her Caesarian, stood in line for an hour to vote.
It's refreshing to see a Christian who is able to stand back and clearly see the inherent hypocrisy in some Christian teachings. Denying anyone the right to happiness certainly can't have been the intent of Christ. How is that even possible? And as for whether or not Proposition 8 is a Constitutional issue, the fact that anyone is trying to make legislation about it makes it inherently a question of Constitutional rights. If you try to argue that it must be because God says so, haven't you proven the point right there. This country, although founded on Christian values, was also founded on the basic principle of separation of Church and State. Is this not to prevent persecution like Proposition 8 from becoming law? The concept of "majority tyranny" certainly applies to this issue. Homosexuals in America are a minority who deserve to have their rights protected. This is unquestionably true. This sort of legislation is the very reason that the Founding Fathers of our great nation felt the need to include a Bill of Rights that ensured the protection of basic human rights to all. The concept of a true democracy demands that we never allow minority rights to be trampled on. Laws like Proposition 8 are a danger to the very sanctity of the nation and must not be allowed to sully the American ideal.

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