Friday, November 07, 2008

Brotha Old School Calls Out Ms. An On Prop 8

I got an e-mail from my friend, Brotha Old School, in response to my post More More No on Prop 8.  I love Brotha Old School's writing, love challenging his thinking, love his challenging mine, and we have spent many hours in my backyard arguing some point or other.  Brotha Old School, BOS for short, is but a few years older than I so we appreciate the same old school music and old school culture.  We both agreed last summer that there was no way America was going to elect a black man, and wasn't it cute he was trying.  He has a deep, abiding and fundamental faith in God.  He's much more intelligent than he gives himself credit for, and much more hard-headed than he believes himself to be.    I've cleaned his email up for punctuation only.  He's taken to calling me Ms. An, which I'm not fond of.  It's a clever take-off on my nom de plume fraught with all measure of historical connotations.

BOS says:
Ms. An,

I sit here in the early pre-dawn morning reading your most recent writing on your commentary about Proposition 8.  You state, religion has no dog in the fight.  That prompted me to think, gul, why-what-chew mean?!?  That's the whole dul-gone kit and caboodle!  The issue is between secular and religion!  To take it a step further, it comes down to Holy Matrimony and Unholy Matrimony.

Correct me if I'm wrong, (which I know you will) but doesn't the over all definition of marriage derive, by-in-large. from the religious perspective?  The real issue here is not the right of same sex unions, but the right to entitlement of those unions.

From the religious perspective, same sex marriage is an oxymoron and does not allow for the extension or amendment to the terms of Holy Matrimony.  This is explicitly expressed in the example of Sodom and Gamour. (Spell Check?)

Now, tru-dat society, as a whole, is un-beholding to have to buy in to biblical concept. But with the same token, it has no right to amend or change that concept.  The only way society can ever address both components to this issue fairly is to keep their distinctions separate and allow for their oppositions to define them.

It's really very simple to define.  One is to be called Holly Matrimony, while the other, Unholy Matrimony.

I'm Brotha Old School, and I'd like to believe, this message is approve by God.

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