Friday, November 07, 2008

Anonymous Sec's aka Ms. An, Responds To Brotha Old School

I respond by email to Brotha Old School:
Miss Anne? Who you callin’ Miss Anne?

I’ve said it before, I’m saying it again, you write very well. That said, I’m not sure I understand your point. Are you asserting the separation of church and state? Or are you saying that each is at least partially intersects the other?

Prop 8 does not require religion to recognize same sex marriage, unless it is taking public funds. Here is a good No on Prop 8 article in the LA Times.

I think that people who voted Yes on Prop 8 can’t get their mind around the concept that religion should not dictate public policy. This public policy deals with affording all tax paying citizens equity under the law and access to all institutions. It would be like saying that you cannot use public roads if you are gay.

You wouldn’t want public policy to incorporate the tenets of Judaism (for example no pork, no Jesus, no embalming) into law; or Catholicism (no fish on Friday, no divorce, no birth control); or Santaria (slaughtering goats OH MY GOD!!!), would you? Nor does public policy have the right to dictate to Santaria that they can’t slaughter goats (OH MY GOD!!!).

It’s Sodom and Gomorrah.


I find it interesting that California saw fit to pass a proposition that made chickens’ lives more comfortable and humane, but did not, in my opinion, do the same for homosexuals.

Just my opinion.
I mean no offense to Santaria.

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