Monday, November 17, 2008

Everything Is Relative

I have a great little space here.  I get to glurg up what ever I want to glurg about, I e-mail a velvet steamroller message to family and friends, every so often I get to guest blog at Spencer's and writing and thinking life is great.

But I have no illusions.  The post immediately before this one spoke of simple vs. complicated thinking.  I am at the "simple" end of a score of blog sites where people post and comment about things so intricately intelligent that often I feel like a neanderthal contemplating infinity.  I comment on occasion at these sites, but my comments are usually ignored.  I've e-mailed these professional thinkers demurely pimping my blog and have been roundly ignored.

Of course my mind fills in the empty space where a response would be with "since I don't know this chick, better to not say anything."

But for some reason, I keep writing here.

Which brings me to my thanks to you who do read what I glurg up here.  Thank you.

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