Thursday, August 28, 2008

William Jefferson Clinton

Watching Bill's speech last night, I remembered how much I loved him as POTUS, and how very disappointed I was that he allowed his personal foibles to ruin his presidency.  He's like a bad boyfriend.  Completely awesome when he's with you, but you wonder what the frak he's up to when he's away running the streets, and word WILL get back to you about the stupid ass things he says and the stupid ass things he does.  And you get all mad and swear that it's over, and he shows up one time, on time, with flowers, words and pretzel logic and he loves you up perfectly.

That's Bill.  "...Power of our example, [not] the example of our power."  Bill, you silver tongued speech giving devil.

Matthew Yglesias has a short post on point.  Pay attention to the comments.  tom c says:  "There’s two Bill Clintons, see. Angry Bill is insufferable. Tonight Happy Bill showed up and Happy Bill can make the mothership land when he wants to."

Here's Bill:

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