Monday, August 04, 2008

Glad I Finally Learned A Thing Or Twelve: A Personal And Ribald Aside

See this video?

Point should be noted.  The "what you did" argument that can perhaps enlighten or at least not get your point lost in personal vitriol vs. the "what you are" argument that will slip into throw down.  Deep.  I watched it many times to truly understand the point.


Heartfelt recognition bitch slapped me hard because they're still making this sort of brilliant quick talking logic making can't be pushed around arrogant self involved motherfucker that I usedta lose my heart and my snatch to in a hot minute knowing full well that I can match him wit for wit but rarely daring to try because a brother this sure of himself just can't be gracefully bested and it always ends in me feeling like I was too smart and he will not match me on the toe line instead fucking with my brain with epithets like "I'm just trying live correct" with an almost imperceptible head shake of distress and there's really nothing correct about me feeling less and taking months to get over it wondering how someone so smart and funny and smart who fucked me like I was butterscotch velvet with hands in my hair and humid whispers in my ear can now turn and strut not walk away like I'm just another piece of difficult and interchangeable snatch leaving me with less heart to give to the next smarty-pants so that now right now with mumble-mumble smarty-pantses and mumble-mumble years gone I got nothing left to feel with so I don't.

Um...  My issue.  I have no idea who this young brother is but his argument's tight, huh?