Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's A Shame

I don't get Dane Cook and he's got a caricature in Rolling Stone's Comedy Issue. Chris Rock, Don Rickles, Billy Crystal, Eric Idle, even Larry David who gets on my last nerve - those guys, okay, I can see why they're there. But Dane Cook? Dane Cook?

Okay, he has one funny piece. Dane Cook offers his worst bomb:
I was in a New York City nightclub, midstory, when I see a guy run to the bathroom and close the door. And it's so quiet, the entire crowd can hear the vomiting. The guy finally exits the bathroom, and I'm a little miffed. As he's walking right in front of the stage, in front of the spotlight, I say, "You OK there, pal? I heard you throwing up." And with near-perfect timing, he says, "Yeah. I got ahold of some bad comedy."
Best favorite joke is my pretend boyfriend, Craig "Please Whisper That Burr In My Ear" Ferguson's:
Traveling salesman knocks on a house door, and it's answered by a 10-year-old in a bra and panties, smoking a cigar. Salesman asks, "Are Mommy and Daddy home?" And the kid says, "What the fuck do you think?"

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