Monday, September 01, 2008

Good Opportunity

My friend Spencer Ackerman is going to Afganistan for two weeks to do his national security reporting thing.  I cannot stress enough what a better man than I he is.  Not that I know anything about the region and what reportage from a dangerous part of the world entails, but I gave him the best advice a former DOOM addict could give.  (Really...whole weekends lost playing from 7:00 a.m. to midnight.)  "Head down, wits about you, back to the wall, eyes on the corners and internal GPS full on."  Yeah.  Not the same thing but at least keeping said advice in the back of your mind cannot be all lame.

He's asked some of his friends, of which I am honored to be one, to take up the slack at Attackerman while he's gone.  So, I'll be cross-posting from September 3 to September 18 there.  Of course, read mine, but this is also a good opportunity for you to read some of the other writers that Spence has called on.

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