Friday, June 27, 2008

It Wasn't Me

Cy Bolton has a rundown in the LA Times enumerating President Bush and company's lies running up to the war in Iraq.  If I have the spirit, I'll try to find conservative responses to the article, if only to see how they could defend the actions set forth in the article...other than some sort of sleight of word to argue that what was seen, wasn't.

It's interesting.  I had a huge argument with, and consequently lost, a very good friend who was also very conservative, because of the run up to war.  Right before things started happening, all I had to say was "I have a feeling he's lying to get us into war."  And you know how conservatives pounce on liberals "feeling."  Admittedly, it was a wet noodle argument.  I wish Mr. Bolton's article was available.  I also wish I'd paid more attention at the time to offer just feelings; nothing more than feelings.

The last paragraph of the article:

Space constraints don't allow for a refutation of all the lies the president told about Iraq's threat, their weapons and their link to Osama bin Laden. However, consider this final point: Our government spent nearly tens of millions of dollars to try to impeach a president for lying about consensual sex between two adults. Compare that to this abomination: George W. Bush knowingly lied to the American people in selling his case for a war that has directly led to the deaths of more than 4,000 Americans. They are deaths brought about by his lies, deceit and deception. It is an American atrocity of monumental proportion, followed closely by the heinous fact that no one has held him accountable. Where is the outrage?

Where, indeed.

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