Thursday, June 26, 2008

But Where Did The Mass Before The Big Bang COME FROM!!!

This is an 8 minute clip (beginning with and including 4 brief commercials) from a 36 minute documentary on Hulu entitled "Cosmic Voyage."  It is at once wondrous and disturbing.  It presents, in quick order, theories regarding outer space, inner space, big bang, black holes and others in impressive (at least to me) computer animation.  It freaked me and my limited understanding the frak out.

I should say, though, that that one time a hundred years ago when I did mushrooms with my boyfriend and his best friend and I sat on the living floor in the dark shaking and breathless with an ecstasy I've never again experienced, even with you know who (who could drop ecstasy on a sister to just pass time), because I understood completely the universe -- it looked JUST LIKE THIS!

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