Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Resolutions: Broken.

I haven't quit smoking. I haven't written here twice a week. But I am getting out of the house. This weekend, I have a lunch date with silentbeep, a frequent commenter on my daily hangout blog, Ta-Nehisi Coates. I'm really looking forward to that. silentbeep (I'll have to ask her about that nom de blog) has a blog that I spent several hours on Saturday perusing.

Part of my problem with updating my blog frequently is that I write very slowly...and I'm a constant editor. I'll work a sentence 'til the comma cries. Also, a focus would be good. A focus other than politics, I think. And Pop culture is saturated with bloggers turning over its influence on life and I don't particularly have anything new and interesting to say about it.

I'm not given to writing about my job. First, I could get caught in a trick bag whining about the first year who threw me under the bus. Also, it's not fair to bag on folks who aren't able to defend themselves. But I do know my job and it might be interesting to talk about how I get it done. But then, when I come home from work, which is the only time I have to write, why would I want to rehash issues I leave behind.

I know music...but only most kinds. I have absolutely no affinity for hip-hop or rap. I don't understand a word that is said. Except for Tupac. I understand Tupac's every word. And The Roots. Some time ago, TNC posted a video of three rappers, Eminem being one and two other apparently famous and talented ones (see-what do I know) and the only words I understood were "Phyllis Hyman."

Television has been my constant companion since Playhouse 90 days. But I don't watch broadcast any more. And I don't go to theaters much. Everything can be gotten online - Hulu for tv and Netflix for movies. I'm a hell of a lot more selective than I used to be. Avatar, however, I've seen 6 times. Supernatural I download weekly. LOVE those boys. And Dean is mine so hands off.

So, anyone out there who knows me - do you think you might have some suggestions for a focus for me?

In the meantime, I post here the video to Sade's new single "Soldier of Love" that I have been playing nonstop since I downloaded it on Monday. Man, if there weren't ever truer words for me than "I've lost the use of my heart, but I am still alive" and "I'm at the borderline of my faith, I'm at the hinterland of my devotion" and "Still waiting for love to come, turn it all around" and "I am love's soldier." Those words give me such hope living in the absence of the ability to feel. Gah! Big ass gong going off inside me. Clang clang clang.

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  1. My suggestion is this. Rather than have a focus per se, maybe your blog can be your sounding board. Meaning I am sure there are blogs you visit on a frequent basis and many times you see posts that move you one way or another. Now usually when that happens we leave a comment on the blog trying to make our point or give our take on its substance. But many times, especially on blogs with high traffic, our words can be lost in the shuffle. Other times what we have to say may be kind of controversial so we feel some kind of way about putting it up for all to see and criticize in a place where we don't have much control. So maybe when you find yourself in those situations, you bring the subject matter here where you are Queen of the castle. You can say what you want, however you want and really express yourself however you want to. Now that doesn't have to be the only posts that you put up, but it is a relatively easy way to post on your own blog more. Of course it will probably cut down some on your commenting on other blogs so that is a trade off which you would have to decide if its worth doing.

    Just my 2 cents ;)

  2. Anonymous5:57 PM

    i'm purposely not reading the post above this until i post mine lest i run squawking because it's the same or better than mine.

    today i talked to a friend i'm trying to reaquaint with. from the 5th grade. she's blunt and iconoclastic as she was then which first made me dislike her but then became the basis of a friendship that has every possibility to last a lifetime.

    i tried to explain to her why i left our friendship by the wayside without even a over the shoulder bye. why, indeed, i've left most that way. or more importantly why i've left every social group i've ever established that way. i couldn't. i can't.

    so, i say, don't focus, but start a theme. a series. maybe 3 episodes. or 6 in case you can sell the pilot. lowenstein me and my family. look at my navel so you can look away from yours. i think it'll be easier.

    ok, now i'll read the post above.